Research Group in Brazilian Music

With twenty active members and key international partners including the História e Música (São Paulo/Minas Gerais) and Estudos da Palavra Cantada (Rio de Janeiro) networks, this constitutes a unique centre of research on Brazilian music in the UK and Europe. Brazilian music now features increasingly on the undergraduate and graduate teaching curricula of the Departments of Music and of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, and recent years have seen a growing number of performance activities and public events related to Brazilian music, organised within and across these Departments and the King’s Brazil Institute.

It is intended that this symposium will contribute significantly towards the consolidation of our International Research Group on a more ambitious footing, eventually in the form of a Research Centre, so as to make a distinctive, longer-term contribution to the College’s research activities and international standing, providing an environment for a substantial international collaborative project, funded by a bid to an external agency. Partnerships with research groups at key institutions in Brazil, developed with and alongside the international work of the Brazil Institute, will be a central aspect of the Centre’s work.

City to City: Urban Crossroads in the Music of Africa, Brazil and Portugal