"A Noiva do Condutor – The Tram Conductor’s Sweetheart"
A radio operetta by Noel Rosa and Arnold Gluckmann
13 October 2015
Greater Hall - King's College London

During his brief life of 26 years the prolific Noel Rosa (1910-1937) composed some 260 songs, many of which are still regularly performed today. The Radio Club of Brazil hired him in 1935 and in that capacity he wrote, with Arnold Gluckmann, the music forA noiva do condutor, or ‘The Tram Conductor’s Sweetheart’. This radio operetta tells the story of an electric train conductor (Joaquim) who pretends to be a lawyer in order to win the heart of his love, Helena.

The plot examines the moral values of the operetta’s characters (Joaquim, Helena, Dr. Henrique - Helena’s father - and Jota Barbosa – Joaquim’s father) and reveals their striving for money and social status. With humour and exquisite irony, key characteristics of Noel Rosa’s work, the operetta is typically Carioca – that is, typically Rio de Janeiro; it portrays the fickleness of people’s values as they shift from moment to moment depending on the circumstances.

This performance was produced in 2015 during the Festival of Arts and Humanities at King’s College London, with the King’s Brazil Ensemble, soloists, direction of Dr. Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho and arrangements by Stefan Metzger. The libretto was translated by Prof. David Treece.

To listen to A Noiva do Condutor, skip ahead to 19:50 in the video below.

Helena:  Mimi Douton
Joaquim:  FreddieBenedict
Dr. Henrique:  Joey Edwards
J. Barbosa:  David Treece

King’s Brazil Ensemble:

Eluned Williams
Marisol Hillier
Pei Ann Yeon
Elizabeth Arnold
Javiera Zamorano Osorio
Alec Harmon

Jocelyn Coates

Lucy Tempreton
Jeremy Walker

Double bass:
Luiz Moretto

Rachel Hayter

David Wexler

Dr. Fred Moehn

Dr. Felipe Botelho

Justin Tambini