Salome Khazaradze, 3rd year undergraduate student
International Relations, King's College London

Trip to northern parts of Italy to visit the places where Brazilian’s participated in WW2 was an incredibly insightful and joyful journey. Not only was it an opportunity to learn more about Brazil’s involvement in the war, but we could also get a first-hand experience. Climbing Monte Castello and visiting bunkers has made it seem real and the interviews taken from the people who witnessed the war has made it a very valuable experience overall.

Apart from learning about Brazilian’s and their culture through the war stories, we also got to experience Italian hospitality and meet wonderful people. The place we stayed at felt like home and the owners made you us feel really welcome. What made it such an authentic experience was the stories shared by the people we met and also willingness of Mario, man whose father participated in the war, to show us around. He gave us all the details and showed us how hard it was for Brazilians who had never seen the snow before to climb Monte Castello and fight the enemy. The woman we visited has sheltered the militaries at home and has spent her childhood with the Brazilian soldiers. Listening to her sharing the stories made one realize that WW2 was actually real and it has affected civilians as much as the soldiers themselves.

The landscape was beautiful and the positive energy was emanating from the inhabitants of the places we visited. People were all welcoming and chatty, which has made it an even more wonderful experience overall.